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We do your home cleaning with excellence and great service

Satisfaction warranty policy

We focus on delivering the best quality in each cleaning service, but if you find something that needs to be improved let us know 24 hours after your service is finished and we will fix it.

No contracts

We believe that long-term relationships should be based in great quality and service, not forced by contracts. We will give our best to keep you as our truly important customer

Local and family-owned

We are a cleaning company based in the great community of Lake Nona, serving all Orlando areas and our closest neighbors of Saint Cloud and Kissimmee.

Kindness and details-oriented service

Your house will be served by kind people always willing to serve you with respect and the best attitude. Details are important for you, that's why we sweep and vacuum under beds and lift your decoration objects to achieve great cleaning results

Fully insured

We want to give your peace of mind, that is why we protect your most valuable assets with our insurance policies, to avoid any risk while working in your home.

Supplies and equipment provided

You can feel free of your cleaning duties. We bring all the equipment, supplies, and staff to develop great cleaning services in your home

House cleaning in Orlando
Cleaning Services in Orlando
House Cleaning Services in Orlando
Cleaning Services in Orlando

Our services adapt to your cleaning expectations, whether you want to give the right cleaning maintenance to your home, or want to clean your recently delivered home we are here for you, we are your local cleaning company.

Essential Home Cleaning

Your Home’s Clean Slate! Immaculately dusted baseboards, pristine floors, and sparkling bathrooms await you. Our expert team ensures every room is thoroughly cleaned, from kitchen counters to cozy bedrooms. Revitalize your living space with our detailed and tailored cleaning services. Experience the joy of a spotless home where you can truly unwind. Book now for a refreshing start!

Deep Cleaning

Uncover a Fresh Haven! Our Deep Cleaning service goes beyond the surface, diving deep to banish dirt and grime. Impeccable floors, shining fixtures, and pristine interiors await you. Say goodbye to hidden dust and welcome a sanitized sanctuary. From thorough bathroom scrubbing to revitalized kitchens, every inch will sparkle. Experience the joy of a truly deep-cleaned home. Book now and embrace the freshness!

Move-In Cleaning

 Your sparkling welcome! Starting a new chapter in your rental? Our Move-In Cleaning service ensures a pristine living space awaits you. Freshly scrubbed bathrooms, hygienic kitchens, and sanitized surfaces. Embrace the cleanliness that makes you feel right at home. Book now and settle in stress-free!

Move Out Cleaning

Leave with a spotless legacy! Saying goodbye to your old place? Our Move-Out Cleaning service ensures you leave behind a spotless home. From deep-cleaning floors to detailed fixtures, we’ll handle it all. Step away with pride, leaving a clean and inviting space. Book now for a seamless move-out!

Post Construction Cleaning

A fresh start for your new place! Step into your new home without the hassle. Our Post Construction Move-In Cleaning service ensures a spotless and safe environment. From removing construction residues to sanitizing every nook, we’ve got it covered. Discover the joy of moving in with peace of mind. Book now and experience a clean welcome!

Commercial cleaning services

We deliver trustable business and office cleaning services in Orlando, we adapt our service to your business hours and operation so that you can see your business always clean and tidy.

Medical and Commercial Office Cleaning

Welcome to our comprehensive cleaning services tailored for both medical and commercial environments. With a deep understanding of the importance of hygiene in medical and business settings, we present a solution that ensures pristine spaces inside out. From healthcare facilities demanding immaculate standards to bustling commercial offices, we specialize in sanitization, disinfection, and gleaming results. Prioritize the well-being of your clients, patients, and employees. Secure your spot now for spaces that radiate health and professionalism.

Commercial cleaning services in Orlando
Commercial cleaning services in Orlando Gym

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Cleaning Warranty 100%

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Most frequent questions and answers

We are a Lake Nona-based small business serving the entire Orlando area with exceptional cleaning services and kindness.

It depends on the size of your home and the service you require. If it’s a deep cleaning or a move-in for new construction, we will definitely send 2 or 3 people. However, for recurrent maintenance cleaning, one person is often sufficient to provide thorough and well-done cleaning maintenance.

The time varies from home to home, contingent upon the size and frequency of the service. A one-time service takes longer than a biweekly service, for instance. Moreover, our service is structured without a specific time limit; rather, we focus on delivering exceptional quality without adhering to a strict time schedule. However, as an estimate, each service typically takes between 3 to 5 hours, depending on your home’s size and the specific service you require.

Absolutely! We handle special projects like pantry organization, guest room preparation, appliance cleaning, removal of Christmas decorations, and screen cleaning. Let’s connect and discuss your unique cleaning projects.

We accept payment methods including Zelle, checks, cash, cards, and direct bank transfers. If you choose to pay in cash, you can provide the payment in a sealed envelope provided by us to the cleaner.

We always have English-speaking assistants available to clarify service details before, during, and even after your home cleaning.